Aerial and ground fire fighting

Aerial fire fighting

SEI Industries Ltd. Introduced the original Bambi Bucket® for the first time in 1982. This lightweight, strong and flexible fire-extinguisher bucket, with its relatively low-cost plug-and-play capability, promoted the use of helicopters in fire fighting and quickly became a popular tool.

Today, more than 30 years later, SEI Industries holds 90% market share. More than 1,000 helicopters in over 110 countries worldwide use the now legendary Bambi Bucket®.

Ground fire fighting

For more than 20 years, the Fireflex product line has been providing reliable water tank solutions to wildlife and rural fire brigade organizations. Fireflex offers a variety of fire extinguishing tools that are collapsible, easy to transport and quick to set up.

Around the world, the brand is recognized as reliable and long-lasting with the longest life expectancy. This lifetime, combined with high-quality industrial fabrics, enables operators to save costs in the long term.

What we can do for you

All from one hand

We not only sell you a proven product, but also service your Bambi Bucket when needed.

We carry out the annual maintenance prescribed by the manufacturer as well as necessary certifications.


Even though Helibucket Sales & Service GmbH is still a young company, we have years of experience in advising and selling reliable fire-fighting tools.

As a partner of SEI-Industries we serve customers in Germany, Austria and neighboring countries.


Important reminder!

Please remember to carry out the annual maintenance prescribed by the manufacturer SEI Industries in good time before the start of the season. We are happy to carry out this work for you and document this in your logbook!

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